Multimedia production of the exhibition

Le Panthéon Paris - Centre des monuments nationaux

may 2017

Mosquito designed the route for the permanent visit to the Pantheon in Paris in a consortium with the MAW scenography workshop, Maffre Architectural Workshop and "Tout pour plaire" graphic workshop.

The visit route is not linear, and allows the visitor to stroll around at will to find information. There is no directional signage because these places require sobriety to preserve their sacredness.

The monument welcomes more than 700,000 visitors per year, and development prospects are estimated at one million annual admissions.

The redesign concerns all the spaces open to visitors : the nave, the ground floor and the crypt as a whole. The presentation includes the permanent collections as well as the model of Rondelet. The new route ensures continuity between the nave and the crypt.

The main challenge of the digital scenography intervention is to insert many information devices while respecting the solemnity of the place and to integrate them as well as possible into the architectural atmosphere and respecting the accessibility of all audiences.

Emmanuel Rouillier : design of the digital route
Philippe Maffre, MAW : Set design
Opixido : development, production of interactive tools
Tout pour Plaire : graphics
Tactile studio : manufacturing model
Stéphanie daniel : light design of the Rondelet model
Laurent Segelle, ETC : Installation