2 NAUSICAA selfie terminals

Aquarium of Boulogne sur Mer France

June 2018

Mosquito has created 2 participative digital tools for the new exhibition in the NAUSICAA aquarium

Borne à Selfie Aquarium Nausicaa Boulogne Sur Mer on Vimeo

The interface offered to the user is available in several possible languages, from which he can select the one with which he wishes to continue the experience. In case of inactivity, a screensaver with the different languages available is displayed to the visitor.

When the choice of language is defined, the visitor must then decide on the seabed in which he or she wishes to be photographed. To do this, the application offers him a real-time feedback from the camera. With the chroma key function (blue background overlay), the application presents the user with its overlay in one of the proposed environments. To test the other seabed, the visitor can change the video loop using a carousel placed in a lower banner on the screen.

Once the aquatic landscape has been chosen, the application starts the countdown. The "selfie timer" is punctuated by sound elements indicating the countdown, at the end of which 1 animated GIF or 4 successive photographs will be taken. The photographs will be shown to visitors on a white screen, which will serve as a flash of the camera.

Once taken, the photographs are displayed on the screen. The visitor is invited to choose one of the shots. The visitor can send the photograph by email to a specified address using a virtual keyboard on the screen. Once the sending has been validated, the visitor is informed by means of a feedback message thanking him/her.

Mosquito designed and built 2 vertical touch totems. They are composed of a professional quality 32’ Full HD 1920x1080p touch screen, 12 points, capacitive projected, with anti-reflection treated protective panel suitable for general public use. These screens are each connected to a computer. This configuration offers a very good price/quality ratio for museum operation.

The screen is positioned facing the device, it allows, as in a photo booth, to have a visual feedback of the final image. If the visitors are able to move to be well framed. Shark and suit lighting are non-interactive.

Emmanuel Rouillier: interactive design, UI and UX Design
Aurel Phelipeau: creative coder
Claire Mouret : Furniture design
Philippe Chaouche : Furniture manufacturing

And the entire NAUSICAA and Satelec-Fayat team