April 2019

exhibition "Tell me what you wear..."


Mosquito has won the design of the Multimedia for the Children’s Museum in the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

"Tell me what you wear... ", an adventure exhibition
A series of five missions are centered around the discovery of artworks, they offer a series of short-term goals. Their resolutions create a long-term goal and proposes the outcome to the mission. The main theme of this adventure is the presence of an "avatar" type character who is a representation of the child, a “symbolic double” projected inside artworks.


The exhibition use an identification system by bracelet. It will guide the child during his visit and be transformed along the visit to become a marker of progression, like a learning curve. It will also allow to personalize the message (language, age, gender) to promote the process of engagement. Missions offer two levels of difficulty and depending on the age group chosen.

"…and I tell you who you are"