We are looking for strategies to create a virtuous interaction loop between space, the visitor, the digital device and content. Each project offers a different answer. We believe that audiovisual and multimedia devices for museums must highlight content, stimulate curiosity, stimulate the desire to learn, and remain hidden, almost invisible.


A successful interactive installation cannot be explained, the visitor naturally appropriates it.

The implementation of a narrative framework or scenario combined with appropriate visual grammar and low-intrusive technology creates the necessary conditions to transform the simple visit into a true immersive experience.

Interactive design, computer development, audiovisual production, 3D animation, are technical professions that are always a story of artists and creators. It is a question of both highlighting these talents with different profiles and respecting each other’s scores. Therefore, communication, exchanges and trust between all these people are the essential elements for the success of a site or film system.


The production, and the post-production of the programmes designed by Mosquito, always takes into account their broadcasting framework and, depending on whether we produce for the web, television, a large screen in an exhibition or interactive devices, we always think of the public, its thirst for knowledge and its pleasure of discovery.

We have integrated resources that allow us to be flexible and responsive, teams of renowned designers, competent technicians and reliable service providers who have proven their effectiveness in fields as diverse as interaction design, web development, mobile applications, specific hardware manufacturing, documentary, archive editing, animation, immersion shooting.