Do you know that what you put on your head reveals your identity ? Inspired by the collections of the Normandy Museum, the device invites you to find your ideal headgear thanks to the Psycho-coiffe, a personality test... so 19th century !

With his eyes, the visitot look at pictures from today. On his butt, we sit in the cabin. With your hands, you answer a psycho test of madness ! Magic ! Magic ! A headdress lights up ! You can try it, understand how it works for you matches, and... immortalize the moment. No, you’re not being ridiculous ! Don’t forget to think a little... What are you currently wearing that can give you some indication of your identity ?

PSYCHO COIFF un prototype de dispositif interactif

The reception from the public was rather positive ! Everyone had a great time answering the questionnaire by putting themselves in the shoes of a woman in the 19th century and trying on the headdresses !

The points to be improved specified by visitors would be to display a progress bar in the questions to know where you stand and to have the possibility to share your photo and retrieve it by email or via social networks.

This device can be transposed and reused to address the daily life of the time and the place of women in society.

The team
Fanny scientist
Pierre Development
Audrey do-it-yourselfer
Sofia graphic designer
Virginia mediator
Communicating cloé
Emmanuel facilitator

Simon, Ségolène, Karine and Charlotte advisors - William and Yanis developer - François, Louis and Damien do-it-yourselfer