Digital scenography : A Costume Adventure

Louvre Abu Dhabi

July 2019

Mosquito held an exhibition at the Louvre Abu Dhabi Children’s Museum. The special feature of the children’s museum is that it does not exhibit facsimiles but real artworks on picture rails and windows built on a children’s scale.

The theme of the exhibition "A Costume Adventure" is the representation of the costume by artists at different times and in different cultures.

A Costume Adventure


‫نورة الكعبي : متحف الأطفال في "اللوفر أبوظبي" يسهم في تعزيز قيم التسامح لدى ناشئة الإمارات‬‎ - YouTube

Adventure exhibition

The mediation of the exhibition is "gamified" through the resolution of a series of missions focused on the discovery of the artworks. The games are designed to force children’s eyes by creating a back and forth between the screens and the artworks. The resolution of each of these missions is a short-term objective while the resolution of the whole creates a long-term objective that forms the outcome of the adventure exhibition. 

A personalized visit

The common thread of this adventure is the presence of a character of the "avatar" or virtual doll type, which is a symbolic representation of the child projected inside the works. The child is identified by each device through a reader and a barcode printed on a paper bracelet. The character accompanies the child and transforms as the visit progresses to become a progress marker, representing the learning curve. It will also make it possible to personalize the discourse (language, age, gender) to promote the engagement process.  

A souvenir of a visit

Each mission solved allows the child to collect costumes and accessories for his virtual doll. The end of the visit allows the child to validate his or her choices and create a souvenir of the visit to share. The character, costumes and props collected are gathered in a "Paper doll" that the system will generate and send by email.

fin de la mission
fin de la mission

A post-visit creative workshop

The last step is done at home, with paper and scissors, the child finds all the elements discovered during the visit of the museum, he will make a small toy to re-appropriate the contents

Emmanuel Rouillier, Mosquito : Interactive Design, IU and UX Design
Véronique Rozen et Nina Mangeney, agence Explosition : Set design
Michel Helson : Light
Aurélie Linxe : Museography
Aurel Phelipeau : Development
Tiphaine Roland : Illustration
Cyrille Carillon, Agence sonore : voiceover and sound design
Elise Augarten : Animation
Forêt Adrénaline : Net